Training program for the production management in the Mexican automotive industry

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Due to the current situation we are facing worldwide because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we see the need to continue supporting the preparation of our customers and participants through digital means.
For this reason we offer several online courses which will be strengthened with practical classes in certain periods, that will improve their professional skills and expand their employment borders.
We have developed courses adapted to their needs with a personalized accompaniment, taking as a final goal their professional development, supported by high quality international teachers and providing a platform for constant exchange of theory and practice.

Course Offer
Course Offer

With E-Mas you will learn today what you will have to know about an effective and efficient production in Mexico in the world of tomorrow.

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Training program for the production management in the Mexican automotive industry

We will pave your way to an effective and efficient production of tomorrow!

The aim of the E-Mas training program is to realize a comprehensive and innovative further education offering in the field of production management for specialists and executives in middle management positions in the Mexican automotive sector. In doing so, the program takes into account the current industrial transformation towards Industrie 4.0 and will be customized according to your company’s requirements. Within four courses, participants will learn to increase productivity, continuously improve production processes, implement versatile technical systems and safeguard the health of employees.

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