Lean Management 4.0 Production Expert

Lean Management 4.0 Production Expert

Implementing Lean Production Management in the digital transformation process

What we offer

The certificate course offers extensive expertise to understand and apply, within the work process, through the use of Lean methods in the design of workflows using potential from innovative Industrie 4.0 environments in production. Lean Thinking can demonstrably improve competitiveness in conjunction with increasing employee skills. The LEI certificate course counteracts the shortage of skilled workers and the resulting turnover in Mexico. Moreover, it leads to a sustained increase in efficiency and lead-time in companies. In this course, the actors are empowered to tap potentials an implement them through targeted Lean measures based on the five basic principles of Lean strategy: costumer values, values stream, flowing processes, pull and perfection.

Target group

Specialist and operational executives entrusted with the implementation of organizational change processes in the areas of production, administration, maintenance and development.

Course objective

The Lean Enterprise Institute certificate course Lean Management 4.0 Production Expert deals with the program module „Integrate Lean Principles in the Process of Digital Transformation“ as part of the E-Mas continuing education offer for operative production management. By means of this course, participants will be enabled to implement design principles in an innovative and solution-oriented manner in accordance with the lean strategy through employee participation. High acceptance of the concepts is specifically promoted. The participants learn u. a. How to sustainably support your colleagues on the way to successful lean management in Industry 4.0. They learn how to design Lean principles in their work environment so that the principles of Lean-Pull-Pull-zeros can be achieved. The various didactic methods of mediation, augmented by the building blocks of blended learning, are at your disposal. It provides a hands-on overview of how the principles of lean management in the diversity of companies act as a successful planning system in the implementation of change as guard rails and enable directional organizational development. Through the certificate course, participants acquire application knowledge about the task-appropriate selection of methods and their application for Lean Production. They will be qualified to adapt the learned measures to their business environment and to implement them in teams after the successful completion of the course.

Key skills to be acquired

After completion of the course the participant will be successfully able to:

● Initiate change processes in the company and supervise their implementation, ● Recognize wastefulness and actively avoid and eliminate it, ● Actively convey Lean Methods to the employees, put them into practice and develop them together, ● Know important organizational differences between the automobile industry in Germany and Mexico and consider this knowledge in their change processes, ● Moderate a continuous improvement process in the company, ● Identify critical success factors and key indicators and visualize their development in the context of a regular shopfloor management with regard to their impact on processes, ● Recognize potentials and challenges in cooperation and create synergies.


The certificate course Lean Management 4.0 Production Expert is an exclusive offer for Mexican companies provided by the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) in cooperation with the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM).

LEI has more than 30 years of experience and it is an institute operating internationally in association with partner organizations with around 50 employees. LEI was founded in 2010 from a group of companies at RWTH Aachen University. We offer Lean qualification in the fields of innovation, production, administration and maintenance and support our partners in sustainable implementation. The bundle of experience that we have gained and acquired over the years in cooperation with renowned partners flows into the course we offer for targeted further training in the Mexican automotive sector.