“Chief Workplace-Innovation Manager” course with Latin American students

As part of the E-Mas program, the Institute for Industrial Management at RWTH Aachen University (FIR) offered the certification course “Chief Workplace-Innovation Manager” to RWTH Aachen University students, most of them from Latin American countries (Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, among others). During this test run of the course the participants acquired extensive knowledge in the […]

Publication in Vanguardia Industrial Magazine November-December 2018

This article published in Vanguardia Industrial tries to answer the following question about the Mexican automotive industry: To capacitate or to not capacitate? Mexico has managed to position itself as one of the largest producers in the automotive industry, electronics, and household appliances worldwide. However, companies must be aware that a basic education will not […]

I. E-Mas International Conference: The path to Industry 4.0 – Competence development for the transformation in the Mexican automotive sector

We cordially invite you to our first International E-Mas Conference “The path to industry 4.0 – competence development for the transformation in the Mexican automotive sector”. The conference will take place on the 21st and 22nd of March 2019 in León, Guanajuato. The two-day conference consists of workshops, keynotes, panel discussions and more! The invitation […]

First E-Mas training at HELLA Automotive México S.A de C.V.

On October 10, 2018 the MTM-1 Base and MTM-UAS courses started at HELLA Automotive México S.A de C.V in Irapuato, México. We (Roman Senderek and Peter Kuhlang) convinced ourselves of the high quality of the training, which was carried out in “mexican” Spanish with “mexican” Spanish teaching materials. 19 young and very motivated participants took […]

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Jul 04, 2019
Consortium meeting in Aachen

On July 3, all the partners of the E-Mas consortium met at the FIR offices in Aachen. In this meetin...