About E-Mas


Training program for the production management in the Mexican automotive industry

The automotive industry in Mexico is moving towards becoming one of the five leading locations in this field worldwide. We want to support your company in benefiting from this development! With our training program E-Mas you will already learn today what you will have to know about an effective and efficient production in Mexico in the world of tomorrow.


Your path to an effective and efficient production of tomorrow!

Through the E-Mas training program we will give your employees a further training in the field of tactical and operative production management by means of selected, latest didactical methods and teaching content. In order to achieve this, we offer you a highly individualized training in a blended-learning concept.

With the help of the courses included in E-Mas, the participants will quickly acquire well-founded expertise in the following subjects:

  • Effective and efficient work design enhancing employees’ learning processes (FIR),
  • Innovative human-oriented productivity management (GMTMA),
  • Modern tool and die manufacture management (WBA),
  • Industrie 4.0 Lean-methods (LEI),

After completion of the E-Mas program, the participants are in the position to implement independently and successfully select the appropriate measures to improve production processes and increase effectiveness and efficiency of the companies. Overall, E-Mas contributes to strengthening competitiveness of the participating companies at their Mexican locations.

Our program is optimally suited for:

  • Professionals and managers responsible for production and transformation processes as well as production team and group leaders.

Within E-Mas the participants will:

  • Find out how to optimize work processes using appropriate tools and methods.
  • Learn how to prepare their employees for long-term work in a constantly changing production environment.
  • Discover which measures can be taken in order to improve production processes and to maintain employee health.
  • Acquire knowledge of how to optimally design the German-Mexican cooperation in or between companies.
  • Further develop their management skills by using renowned teaching content and innovative methods.

Objectives of E-Mas

The E-Mas training program is intended to counteract the increasing shortage of skilled workers on middle management levels of many automotive manufacturers and suppliers. The off er is aimed at professionals, personnel developers and operative managers. Participation in E-Mas enables them to successfully assume and execute tasks and activities on middle management level. By providing high-quality teaching and learning content in form of an innovative blended-learning concept, companies and employees will be able to quickly achieve the following management objectives and sustain them independently in the future:

  1. Increasing productivity
  2. Continuous process innovation
  3. Versatility of technical systems
  4. Employee health

The aim is not only to achieve an increase in production with higher manufacturing quality and a lower error rate, but also to strengthen competitiveness of the company as a whole. The E-Mas targets are covered by the individual courses of the training four providers. The joint advanced further education offer is designed to ensure a demand-based, effective and efficient transfer of knowledge.

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