3rd E-Mas International Conference: The Future of Work – Benefiting from the Digital Transformation

TEC Monterrey Campus Querétaro, Mexico

February 28th, 2023 and March 1st, 2O23

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Production and service industries are facing enormous challenges due to digital transformation and changes in the work environment. Leaders and experts from renowned companies, high-class practice-based researchers, and leading institutions will discuss their up-to-date solutions in hands-on experience and best-practice examples concerning technology implementation, competence development, and work design. The 3rd international E-Mas conference seeks to create sustainable value chains to foster new partnerships between industry and academia. It will address how to benefit from digital transformation and Industrie 4.0 in a practical approach through workshops, discussion panels, and expert contributions. 


Applying Best Practices
of the Industrie 4.0

Leading companies will present their best practice examples concerning the implementation of Industrie 4.0. Thereby, we take a holistic approach to addressing organizational, technological, and human-oriented perspectives discussing the effects on work design and the requirements for future competencies. The 3rd E-Mas conference will mainly focus on the transferability of the concepts and approaches to or within Latin America.

Developing New Businesses and
Services in the Digital World 

Digital transformation raises opportunities for the development of new business models in production as well as in services. Renowned companies, from startups to well-established large companies, will discuss their developments in smart logistics, electromobility,
and the creation of digital ecosystems. At the same time, the E-Mas experts will present transferable solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Managing Sustainable Value Chains 

Sustainability and circular economy are gaining more and more importance due to increasing climate consciousness and resource efficiency awareness. The current political shifts are developing Latin America into a major trading partner for western countries. Thus the 3rd E-Mas conference will define new approaches in the design of international cooperative value chains.

Creation of New Network between Industry and Academia 

We aim to transfer top international research into industrial application. Thus, the intention is to bring top universities and their researchers into a direct exchange with companies‘ executives and experts. Consequently, the 3rd E-Mas conference blends with the scientific 4th CPSL Conference to bridge the gap between science and industry.

What Will You Find in the conference?

Gala- Night

According to the philosophy of the E-Mas conferences, in which networking opportunities play an essential role in the interchange of ideas and cooperation, we offer several spaces during the conference ideal to expand your network. Our program’s highlight, a high-class networking dinner event, will be accompanied by food, cocktails, and music in the wonderful site of Peña de Bernal. 

Universities Roundtable

The objective of the roundtable is to bring together renowned international universities from America and Europe to share ideas and generate synergies and dynamic collaboration for developing a dual academic degree program with a major focus on Industrie 4.0 and digital transformation.

Keynote Speeches

C-level managers and leading experts from the automotive, logistics, aerospace, and high-tech sectors, as well as top applied sciences researchers from renowned international universities, will present firsthand experiences and best practices examples on how to reap digital transformation’s benefits. Furthermore, experts will discuss new approaches in competence development and work design, technology implementation concepts, and innovative business transformation methods.

Latin American Forum

The Latin American Forum is an exchange space for international institutions (mainly German Chambers of Commerce Abroad) associated with the I4R organizers. The implementation of the digital transformation and its challenges can be overcome by vocational education and training. Therefore, international experts will discuss dual concepts for professional formations and continuing education.

Discussion Panel

In the discussion panel, experts from industry and science and institutions (e.g., government, labour organizations, and industry clusters) will engage in a moderated discussion to answer the overarching conference themes concerning industry-academia collaboration and new approaches in work design and competence development.



After two years of social isolation, rare networking opportunities, and challenging work environments, industry leaders value today more than ever the personal interaction and accompanying creation of ideas. Consequently, the I4R organizers put special effort into a multitude of spacious, high-class networking opportunities. These networking spaces aim to empower the interaction between industry leaders and internationally renowned researchers.

Interactive Session

The Interactive Sessions consist of a panel of four to six experts from companies and institutions. Moderated by the session chair, the experts share insights and experiences regarding highly relevant topics in the digital transformation. After the experts’ speeches, the moderator will open an interactive discussion involving the audience.



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